Favourite YouTubers

I’m a huge YouTube fan. For about two years I’ve been watching YouTube videos instead of normal TV, I find it so entertaining and I’m learning stuff!

YouTube has been taught me new make-up techniques, introduced me to new skincare and has generally spurred me onto spending lots of money on exciting stuff (note I didn’t say, things I don’t need, I definitely needed all of it).

Here are my favourite 5 YouTubers at the moment (in no particular order):

Pretty Neat LivingPretty Neat Living

Jen makes videos about organisation, fitness, make-up, skincare and much more. I love Jen’s personality, she’s so enthusiastic and excited to share her life. I especially love her vlogs and home decoration series (her home at Christmas is amazing).

Make-Up That Is All

MakeUp TIA

Ashley makes videos about make-up, skincare, healthy eating and planning. Again, I love her personality, very understated but her videos are always so beautiful and I really like her style. She’s very into natural brands and her food videos are a huge inspiration to me. Ashley introduced me to Paula’s Choice skincare which is amazing.



Tati is a make-up artist and makes daily videos (Mon-Fri) about all things make-up. She spends a lot of time (and money) on making her content extra special, from reviewing stupidly expensive skincare to trying out the latest weird fad. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and she’s amazingly talented.

Caroline Hirons

Caroline hirons

And onto the British YouTubers, Caroline is a skincare expert, she’s amazing and knows everything. I get all my skincare recommendations from Caroline, she covers from low to high end and her blog is a wonderful source of inspiration. If she says a product is good, you know it’s good. I have Caroline to thank for my stash of flannels and my religious double cleansing routine.

Miss Budget Beauty

Miss Budget Beauty

I think Mikhila was the first YouTuber I ever watched, I followed her blog for months before finding her YouTube channel. She’s very down to earth, has a great sense of humour and recommends great high-street make-up. I also highly recommend her other channel, Diary of a Spendaholic for more high-end products and her Podcast with Emma Millard, hilarious.

I subscribe to over 40 channels on YouTube, so it was really difficult to choose my favourites. Special mentions go to:

Ruth Crilly, a model who knows her stuff with a wicked sense of humour (love her videos with Caroline Hirons).

Sharon Farrell, a make-up artist whose vlogs are brilliant.

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