No-Buy August #1

August, to me, means hot, lazy days sitting in the garden sipping iced tea while reading a great book. Bees are dreamily buzzing around my garden, the cat is dozing by my feet, all the time in the world and nothing to do. Sounds great, doesn’t it.

Well, back to the real world and I still have to go to work, chores and jobs around the house still have to be done and the Great British Summer doesn’t guarantee sit-outside  weather.

August also makes me think of holidays, my holiday is later this year but I’m already planning next year’s and this makes me think about money. I used to be really good with money, always putting some away into savings and always having some left over by the end of the month. But since discovering blogs and YouTube, I seem to need more stuff and have a never ending list of things to buy.

In an effort to take control of my spending habits, I’ve decided to do a no-buy month for August. These are my rules:

  1. No spending on skincare, make-up or toiletries.
  2. No spending on Amazon.
  3. No spending on clothes, shoes or accessories.
  4. No spending on lunch, drinks, snacks while at work – must bring all food from home.
  5. No spending on credit card at all.

The only exception to these rules are unless I’m replacing something I’ve used up and I don’t already have an alternative product to use.

Just to give you an idea of how much of a sacrifice this will be to me, in July I spent the following:

  1. Skincare = £155.93
  2. Amazon = £96.65
  3. Clothes = £256.95 (disclaimer: I do save for my clothes and don’t spend this amount every month)
  4. Lunch = £79.19

Grand Total = £588.72

Some of this was replacing things I used up, for example I bought some skincare replacements from Paula’s Choice for £61.65 and a sports bra for £32.95. I also spent £34.16 on books because I’m going to Henley Literary Festival and want to read what the authors will be talking about (not essential, but it’s a hobby I enjoy). But the vast majority of nearly £600 I could have saved and not missed the products I’ve bought.

So, the plan is to see how many days I can complete no-buy and how much money I’ll save towards my holidays next year. I’ll keep you updated every week with tips that helped me and inventive ways to avoid handing over cash (all legally of course).

Have you ever attempted a no-buy? What are your tips? Will you be joining me with a self-imposed spending ban?

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