July in Nails

Here’s the nail polish I wore in July.

The weather in the UK went bonkers in July, really hot weather and beautiful sunny days. So I went all summery and started the month with Essie Tart Deco, a vibrant peach.

Essie tart deco

Next was an equally bright purple with Revlon Up The Ante.

Revlon up the ante

I simmered down a bit for the next colour with a lovely cornflower blue, Barry M Blueberry.

Barry M Blueberry

I followed this up with a gorgeous soft pink, Maybelline Nude Rose.

Maybelline nude rose

I ended the month pretending to be a mermaid with Barry M Teal.

Barry M Teal

I used the same base and top coat all month, OPI base and Seche Vite on top. I love Seche Vite, it has enabled me to really enjoy painting my nails knowing that they will dry within 5 minutes and stay glossy looking for days.

Seche Vite and OPI Base

What’s been your favourite nail colour this summer?

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