No-Buy August Update #2

If you saw my previous ‘No-Buy‘ post you’ll know I’m saving money during August by not spending money on non-essential items.

Here’s a reminder of my rules:

  1. No spending on skincare, make-up or toiletries (apart from replacing items I’ve used up and absolutely need).
  2. No spending on Amazon.
  3. No spending on clothes, shoes or accessories.
  4. No spending on lunch, drinks, snacks while at work – must bring all food from home.
  5. No spending on credit card at all.

So far, so good. In the first 7 days of August I’ve spent around £7 on lunch supplies (bread, ham, crisps etc) and £3 on postage to return a sports bra, so £10 in total. I’m pretty pleased with that.

I can’t lie, it was hard, there were times I was browsing online filling my shopping cart but stopping myself at the last minute (including stopping buying a beautiful Makeup Geek palette (see photo above) and brushes for £80 – which I don’t need but want oh so much).

Now I’ll fill you in on what I found useful during my first week of No-Buy August.

Stock Take – Literally take stock of what you already have. I did this for my skincare. I rooted round all my cupboards and drawers and pulled out all my skincare and toiletries I had, all the samples and half empty tubes. It’s surprising how many really tiny bottles of shampoo I have!

Use them!

Don’t save them for that weekend away you might take where you only want to pack hand luggage, you can decant your shampoo or buy a new mini if you really need one. But for now, use them! It’s so satisfying emptying products (watch out for an empties post in a few months!).

Window Shop – I love spending a lazy lunch hour browsing the internet, I still do it even though I know I’m not going to buy anything. I favourite items or add them to my shopping cart for later, I’m also keeping a ‘To Buy’ list on my phone which may come into play next month if I still think I need it. For me part of the joy of shopping is the browsing, not necessarily the buying (although new stuff is so exciting). At least this way I’m still satisfying my shopping demon but still saving the pennies.

Don’t Take It Too Far – Yes, I’m trying to save money but I’m not broke so if I need to spend money I can. For example, my cat needed to go to the vet, this was a necessity so I didn’t think twice about it and she’s fine (although she hates me a little today). Sometimes spending money is needed.

I’m really looking forwards to the rest of August and seeing how creative I can get on saving money. What are your frugal thrifty tips?

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